May I ask you, how do dogs bark?

It was a usual flight when all of my colleagues started our galley talks after finishing our inflight services. (Galley: the little kitchen on airplanes) One of my co-workers, who was from Belarus, was running around the cabin and asked everyone the same question, “How do dogs bark?”

What a stupid question, right? The answer is woof woof!

Then she said, “Cats meow regardless of languages, however, dogs bark differently across different countries.” So I answered her in my mother tongue, Cantonese. And it was “woow-woow.” 

She gathered everyone’s answers and we started a small lecture to learn how do dogs bark in different countries: 

  • Russian: “gav-gav” 
  • Thai: “hong-hong”
  • Mandarin: “wang-wang”
  • Hindi: “bow-bow”
  • Arabic: “how-how”

Through these teeny-tiny nuances, we can find the beauties of languages and cultures. It also reminded me to take this job opportunity as a privilege as I was working with people from 150+ nationalities. Multiculturalism and diversity are really important and are undoubtedly the fundamentals and core values of Canada. Let’s all embrace and protect them!

Check out the blog article by Bird Gei and see how do dogs bark in different languages.

Some Diversity in Canada, eh?

I always love to watch CBC’s sitcom “Kim’s Convenience.” In retrospect, Mr. Kim, Mr. Mehta and Janet were arguing what sounds a frog makes. The conclusion made by Mr. Mehta was, “You’re brainwashed by cultural imperialism!” Haha, of course, it was a sarcastic expression created by the scriptwriters. If you grew up multiculturally, I am sure this is a relatable and interesting scene to watch! To watch the latest episodes of Kim’s Convenience, please visit CBC GEM, or Netflix if you are outside of Canada. 

Let’s end the blog by listening to Ylvis’s The Fox (What does the fox say?)

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